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Born December of 1991, Ivan J. Roque is a Cuban-American artist from Miami, Florida. Burning with a passion for the concepts of birth, death, time, renewal and social dynamics. His influences range from the old masters to the new such as Caravaggio, Marc Rothko, Alexander McQueen, Gianni Versace and Nychos. Roque has been able to accomplish many achievements for his young age, such as working with rapper Denzel Curry , collaborating with major brands like McDonalds, Microsoft, Virgin Voyages and Formula One to name a few. He has traveled quite extensively for various exhibitions and murals including shows in New York City, Dubai, Seoul and mural festivals such as the Sprayseemo Mural Festival and Pow Wow Worcester.  He has also been frequently commissioned by various cities across the United States with most recently being the City of Pembroke Pines, Florida and the City of Janesville, Wisconsin. Roque also has had three  gallery solo shows and one museum solo show  at the Coral Springs Museum of Art. He has a Bachelor's of Art in Visual Arts from the Florida International University.

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